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How many naruto funko pops exist?

There are two Hot Topic exclusives of 186 Naruto. There is a regular Six Path version and a Yellow GITD Six Path.

How many Naruto funko Pops are there? There are 32 Funko POP! Toys from the Naruto universe, so you are sure to find the characters you love most to start or build your collection.

What is the rarest Naruto funko?

Top-10 Most-Valuable Naruto Shippuden Funko Pop! Figures on Pop Price Guide

  1. Naruto (Sage Mode) (Prototype) ($500)
  2. Kurama (Glow in the Dark) ($340)
  3. Kaguya Otsutsuki [NYCC] ($135)
  4. Jiraiya on Toad ($60 – $85)
  5. Sasuke Uchiha (Prototype) ($75)
  6. Kakashi Hatake (Anbu) (Prototyoe) ($75)
  7. Sasuke (Rinnegan) (Glow in the Dark) ($75)

Does Funko Pop have Naruto? Animation: Naruto Pain 5-in Vinyl Figure. Funko POP! Animation: Naruto Pain 5-in Vinyl Figure 4.6 out of 5 stars.

What anime has the most funko Pops? Recently, the plastic model makers at Funko Pop revealed the franchises that sell the most Funko figurines, one of which is none other than the anime series created by Akira Toriyama in Dragon Ball Z.

How many naruto funko pops exist? – Related Asked Question

Is there a Hinata Funko Pop?

Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Although you could also talk about the topping too.

What is Naruto Sage Mode?

Sage Mode is a special state in the world of Naruto that allows a user to absorb chakra from nature, known as Senjutsu chakra, and make it their own strength. By entering this heightened state, all the physical attributes of the user are boosted by quite a margin, putting them in a league of their own.

Which funko pops are worth the most?

With an estimated price tag of $13,400, Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange is the most expensive Funko Pop Vinyl in the world.

Is kaguya Funko Pop vaulted?

Funko POP! Naruto – Kaguya Otsutsuki #179 Figure (NYCC 2020 Exclusive) – Vaulted Collectibles.

What anime shows have funko Pops?


  • New. Deku (Izuku Midoriya) Boxed Tee – My Hero Academia. …
  • Pop! Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail. …
  • Pop! Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail. …
  • Pop! Mavis Vermillion – Fairy Tail. …
  • Pop! Laxus Dreyar – Fairy Tail. …
  • Pop! Jellal Fernandes – Fairy Tail. …
  • Pop! Shikadai – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. …
  • Pop! Kawaki – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Does GameStop have Naruto Funko Pop?

Funko POP! Animation: Naruto- Naruto Six Path Sage 5-in Vinyl Figure | GameStop.

How big is Naruto on Gamakichi Funko Pop?

Enhance your purchase

Brand POP
Material Vinyl
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8 x 7 x 6 inches

What episode does Sasuke sacrifice himself?

“Sacrifice” (生贄, Ikenie) is episode 216 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

What are the largest Funko Pop series?

The largest collection of Funko Pop! figurines consists of 7,095 figurines, and belongs to David Mebane (USA), as verified in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, on 15 November 2020. David started amassing his huge collection in 2014.

Are Galactic Toys real?

Galactic Toys &amp, Collectibles is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Are there Danganronpa funko Pops?

Funko Pop Animation #1066 Danganronpa 3 Monokuma Exclusive Vinyl Figure with Protector.

Is Naruto a sannin?

Each of the Sannin has trained one member of Team Kakashi: Jiraiya trained Naruto, Tsunade trained Sakura, and Orochimaru trained Sasuke.

What is Naruto’s IQ?

It also gives Naruto 90 intelligence. If my extrapolation is right, he has an IQ of 90, which is slightly below average, but still within 1 standard deviation. It might be a little low for someone who’s basically the president of the most powerful nation in the world…

What is baryon Mode Naruto?

Naruto’s new form is officially called Baryon Mode. According to Kurama, it involves smashing Naruto’s chakra and the Nine-Tails’ chakra together in a manner similar to nuclear fusion, creating entirely new energy.

What was Funko Pop number 1?

Funko Pop’s Mickey Mouse Metallic vinyl action figure was debuted and distributed at the San Diego Comic-Con. It is considered #1 in the POP!

What is the rarest Funko Pop 2022?

The Most Expensive Funko Pops 2022

  1. Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange Funko Pop. Estimated Value: $13,300. …
  2. Jaime Lannister Funko Pop. Estimated Value: $9,310. …
  3. Dumbo (Clown) Funko Pop. Estimated Value: $7,430. …
  4. Stan Lee Signed Funko Pops. …
  5. Boba Fett Funko Pop. …
  6. Tony Stark Funko Pop. …
  7. Ghost Rider Funko Pop. …
  8. Planet Arlia Vegeta.

What is the rarest Funko Pop 2021?

What is the most expensive Funko Pop in 2021?

  1. Alex DeLarge ($13,300) Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange. …
  2. Count Chocula Freddy ($10,000) Count Chocula Freddy. …
  3. Jaime Lannister ($9,310) Jaime Lannister. …
  4. Dumbo Clown ($7,430) Dumbo Clown. …
  5. Stan Lee Signed ($6,100) …
  6. Big Boy Blue Freddy ($4,850) …
  7. Dumbo Gold ($4,180) …
  8. Boba Fett ($3,990)

Are there demon slayer Funko Pops?

The common figures in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba lineup include a Pop Moment of the battle between Tanjiro vs. Rui and standard Funko Pops of Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Hashibira, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Nezuko Kamado, and Muzan Kibutsuji.

When did the death note Funko Pops come out?

From Death Note, Ryuk, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Stylized collectable stands 3 ¾ inches tall, perfect for any Death Note fan!

Product information.

Product Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.75 inches
Release date June 6, 2017
Manufacturer Funko

Are there JoJo Funko Pop?

With all the different fictional characters that have been transformed into Funko Pops, it’s almost unbelievable to think that the characters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure haven’t gotten the same privilege.

Is Naruto the six paths?

Upon returning to consciousness, Naruto had gained the incredible ability of the Six Paths Sage Mode. To put it simply, the Six Paths Sage Mode is a power that Hagoromo Otsutsuki gifted to him for having a strong will and the guts to never give up.

Is Naruto Shippuden is better than Naruto?

Originally Answered: Which is better, Naruto or Naruto Shippuden? For most people, Naruto: Shippuden is alot better since it has more fights, sad deaths and epic moments. The original Naruto series only focuses on doing missions and defeating random enemies. However, there are few lessons here which you can also learn.

Where did Naruto and Sasuke fight?

The Valley of the End (終末の谷, Shūmatsu no Tani, English TV: Final Valley) is located close to the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Sound.

What is Naruto’s full power?

Yes, Naruto’s powers include flying. Naruto gains the ability to fly shortly before the conclusion of the original series. When he combines the power he gained from the Sage of the Six Paths with his own abilities, he is able to fly through the air without exerting any effort.

How Naruto got his powers?

When Naruto was able to finally get on one accord with the Nine-Tailed Fox, he gained access to the final form of the Kurama Chakra Mode: Bijuu (Tailed Beast) Mode. This further enhances his physical abilities. Most powerful, however, is his ability to manifest a life-sized avatar of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

What is Borutos full power?

Boruto can perform the nature transformations of Wind, Lightning, and Water Release. With these transformations, he uses techniques including Lightning Release: Purple Electricity, Water Release: Splash Bullet (水遁・飛沫弾, Suiton: Himatsudan) and Wind Release: Gale Palm.

How many Funko Pops are there 2021?

The following is a list of all October-December 2021 Funko Pop! releases. There are currently 150 Funko Pop! releases scheduled to be released between October and December.

How much do pops cost?

Funko Pops Are Cheap and Easy to Purchase

Unless you’re buying a limited, exclusive, Chase, or vaulted Franko Pop, you can purchase the toys for as very little as $8 to $11 and higher.

Will Pops be worth money?

And they can be worth thousands of dollars. They’re Funko Pop figurines, and they are no joke when it comes to collecting, trading and selling. The most expensive Funko Pops can get you a used car (and we don’t mean a $500 jalopy) or even an entire house.

Does Galactic toys ship fast?

We usually ship within 1 business day. Shipments within the U.S. should arrive within 2-14 business days after your order has shipped based on your location and shipping speed selected.

Where is sure thing Toys located?

Where is Sure Thing Toys? Sure Thing Toys fulfillment center is based in East Rutherford, NJ. All products ship with care from this facility. Our warehouse is NOT open to the public, but you can shop in person with us at comic and anime conventions across the United States.

How do I cancel my order on galactic toys?

If you want to cancel your pre-order and receive a full refund –email our Customer support team at [email protected].

How much is the Monokuma Funko Pop?

Conversation. A new Monokuma Funko Pop is now available exclusively at Hot Topic for $14.90.

Who is the voice actor of Monokuma?

Conversation. A new Monokuma Funko Pop is now available exclusively at Hot Topic for $14.90.

Are there Danganronpa Nendoroids?

The Danganronpa series has released popular Nendoroid figures such as the “Nendoroid Makoto Naegi | Danganronpa: The Animation”, “Danganronpa V3 Kokichi Oma Deformed Figure Limited Ver. A”, “Danganronpa V3 Kokichi Oma Deformed Figure Limited Ver.