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Does funimation have hunter x hunter dubbed?

The VIZ Media goodness continues! You read that right, budding adventurers—Hunter x Hunter (2011) is coming to Funimation. Starting July 31, you’ll be able to stream the first 75 episodes of the incredible Hunter x Hunter (2011), subbed and dubbed, on Funimation in the United States and Canada—for the first time ever.

Does Funimation have all episodes of Hunter X Hunter? Funimation is a streaming service exclusively for anime fans. Unfortunately, Funimation only has the first 75 episodes of Hunter X Hunter in their library.

Is Hunter X Hunter on Crunchyroll dubbed? Crunchyroll – Viz Announces “Hunter x Hunter” English Dub Cast – UPDATED.

Is Hunter Hunter on funimation? Hunter x Hunter | Watch on Funimation.