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Can ye martial peak?

Who is the strongest emperor in martial peak? These are the current known Great Emperors of Star Boundary: Yang Kai – Void Great Emperor. Mo Huang – Martial Beast Great Emperor.

Will Yang Kai reach martial peak? Later, he obtained an Ancestral Dragon Source during a cave trip. This would start him on the path to becoming a true Divine Spirit. Quickly becoming Heaven-defying, Yang Kai eventually reaches the known peak of Martial Arts.

Can he martial peak? Can Ye, known as the Night Shadow Great Emperor, is the most mysterious of the Great Emperors of Star Boundary upon Yang Kai’s arrival there. He is the founder of Western Territory’s only Great Emperor Sect, Shadow Killer Palace.

How many wives does Yang Kai have? His 8 wives accompany him on this endeavor, and they actually manage to help Yang Kai kill a powerful innate Territory Lord. After the mission is successfully completed, Yang Kai’s wives eventually make their return to Mysterious Nether Territory.


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Is insect Emperor a great emperor?

Though his past cultivation level is never explicitly stated, the Insect Emperor was said by Yang Yan to have been a peer of both her and the Corpse Emperor, who was another Pseudo-Great Emperor known for his ability to refine and control the Corpse Spirit Race.

Does Yang Yan love Yang Kai?

Her clone is very confident when it comes to Artifact Refining, but terrified when it comes to combat. After merging with her original body, she regains the composure and prestige of a powerful and long-lived Pseudo-Great Emperor. However, she maintains her friendliness and loyalty to Yang Kai in both forms.

Can Yang Kai beat Goku?

If he uses any of his auxiliary powers or his skills, Goku will be dead meat. Don’t forget that Origin King Yang Kai can construct a domain where Goku’s abilities will be severely nerfed. On top of that Yang Kai cultivates his body too, so his physical strength, his endurance, toughness far outclasses that of Goku’s.

Does Yang Kai marry Xue?

Xue Yue is then officially married to Yang Kai along with Xia Ning Chang, Ji Yao, Yu Ru Meng, Qu Hua Chang, and Tao Ling Wan. Over the course of the ceremony, Yang Kai proceeds to make love to each of these wives, including Xue Yue, individually.

Does Yang Kai win the inheritance war?

Old Demon is freed, and later fights for the 3 Race Coalition against the Bone Race, in which Yang Kai leads them to victory.

Will Yang Kai meet Su Yan again?

Eventually, Su Yan finally reunites with Yang Kai, and they meet with the leadership of Ice Heart Valley, Fire Brilliance Sect, and Luo Hai. Brilliant Flame Sect’s Supreme Elder wants to marry Su Yan off to the son of the Sect Master.

What is Shi in martial peak?

Shi Huo is the Northern Divine Venerable of the Ancient Wild Lands in the Eastern Territory of Star Boundary upon Yang Kai’s arrival there. He is also the most aggressive and belligerent of the Divine Venerables and had once destroyed an Eastern Territory Sect for using a Spirit Array based off of a Divine Spirit.

How did Yang Kai learn space force?

For instance, Yang Kai began his practice on Space Force through the use of his True Qi and Divine Soul Strength. Cultivators will retain their True Qi from the True Element Boundary all the way up through the Transcendent Realm.

Where did Yang Kai get the soul devouring insects?

However, Yang Kai would find from the Insect Emperor’s Exotic Insect Record that using various methods, including his Soul Warming Lotus, the Divine Ascension Mirror World, special seeds, and the Insect Emperor’s bracelet, these insects could be made incredibly more powerful to the point that even some Emperor Realm …

What is Tian Yan?

tián yán. sweet words fine talk. 天演 tiān yǎn. natural change evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化|进化)

How many chapters of martial peak is there?

About Martial Peak:

This Novel has a total of 6009 chapters, and the number of translated chapters are 2343. It falls under the genre of action, harem, martial arts, mature and Xuanhuan.

Who is Yang Kai’s first wife?

About Martial Peak:

This Novel has a total of 6009 chapters, and the number of translated chapters are 2343. It falls under the genre of action, harem, martial arts, mature and Xuanhuan.

How many children Yang Kai have?

Does Yang kai have any children? No, he hasn’t and possibly won’t have.

Who is the creator of martial peak?

Martial Peak is a Chinese comic by the author “Momo.” Qidian is the original publisher of this series which consists of over 6000 chapters. It’s a web novel whose genre is listed as action, adventure, and martial arts.

What is shi huo for?

Overview. Provide quick and effective relief for rheumatic pain, arthralgia, lumbago, muscular pain, neck &amp, shoulder stiffness, sprain due to over exercise, stomachache.

What are the cultivation stages in martial peak?


  • Tempered Body. 3rd Stage. 4th Stage. 5th Stage. …
  • Initial Element. Yuan Qi. 3rd Stage. 9th Stage Initial Element. …
  • Qi Transformation. 1st Stage. 156. …
  • Separation And Reunion. 1st Stage. 202. …
  • True Element. True Qi. 1st Stage. …
  • Immortal Ascension. 1st Stage. 528. …
  • Transcendent. 1st Order. 718. …
  • Saint. Saint Qi. 1st Order.

How did Yang Kai get golden blood?

Replaced. After arriving in Star Boundary, Yang Kai would start replacing this skeleton and its Golden Blood through the development of his Ancestral Dragon Source, until he one day completely exchanged both his blood and bones for that of a true Dragon on Black Ink Battlefield.

Does Yang Kai get the immortal tree?

Also known as the Eternal Tree, the Immortal Tree is a legendary Heavenly Treasure known for its ability to exude a miraculous amount of vitality. Yang Kai would acquire the Immortal Tree during his visit to the Severed World from the Heng Luo Star Field.

Who is the owner of the Black Book in martial peak?

The Demon Mystic Tome belonged to Great Demon God, and was created by him long ago.

What weapon does Yang Kai use?

Dragon Spear obtained as a gift from the Giant Spiritual God A Da of the Outer Universe. It was refined from the body of a Divine Dragon.

How often is martial peak updated?

Reding a chapter everyday is a good feeling. Martial peak updates two chapters regularly and heck sometimes even 3. It feels to read it everyday.